Montag, 29. Dezember 2008

Stalin is back! All hail to the butcher!

Today, Joseph Vissarionovitch Djugashvilli alias Stalin, or one of the world's biggest butchers, was elected as the "3rd greatest Russian of all times" (behind A. Nevskiy and P. Stoylin). The Russian TV-Channel "Rossija" hosted a show which goal it was to elect the greatest Russian figure of all times. Over a million text messages and phone calls were casted for Stalin

Although some people would describe this as a marginal event, it is becoming a rather dangerous phenomenon in Russia that Stalin is more and more glorified again.
Since the Rise of Power of Putin in Russia, history books have been rewritten and Stalin has become a new hero of the Soviet Union. Subsequently the destalinization under comrade Krushchev is being erased by the Russian regime under Putin &Co. and Stalin is established as a new founding father, and iron leader of a new Russia. A survey from 2003 confirms already that trend:
"...The newspaper [Izvestia] gives fresh figures from a survey by the Public Opinion Foundation: 36% of Russians think that Stalin did more bad than good during the time of his rule; 29% are sure of the opposite. And for another 34% Stalin is simply one of the figures of Russian history, and there is no point in talking about any particular attitude towards him..." (
It seems interesting that the new gained pride of Russia which is based on exploiting the environment and blackmailing eastern Europe with Natural Gas - is also undertaking a dangerous moral and ethical project: Rewriting history...

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  1. Strictly Excellent... Was uns wieder einmal beweisen dürfte, dass nur die "Sieger" Geschichte schreiben und es immer noch genügend Menschen gibt die diese nicht verstehen.


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