Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

New Protests in Belarus - dozens of people detained

The protests organized on social media continue in Belarus, as hundreds of people gather in the centre of Minsk. The protest on wednesday was organized on VKontakte a popular Social Media Network, similar to Facebook. International Press reports aswell as Russia Today, RIA-NOVOSTI, Nashi Niva and Belsat report that dozens of people were arrested and are still detained. After arresting people for clapping and singing, the Belorussian Regime now rounds up people for setting their alarm clock on the cellphone at 8. p.m, like the organizers told them on the internet. The will of the Belorussian people is at it's height, and the international community must follow suite, change in Belarus is possible!

Russia Today states that "All in all, about a hundred people, including 25 in the capital Minsk, were detained following Wednesday’s flash-mob protest.
Charter’97 writes that the detentions “were traditionally harsh, people were dragged on the ground and into paddy wagons which arrived speedily”.According to the website, police also detained journalists, “hindering their work, were rude, tripped protesters, and kicked them”. In addition, police tried to prevent photographers and cameramen from taking pictures or filming during the arrests.
The “Belarusian Partisan” news outlet notes that compared to previous times, fewer protesters showed up for the event on July 13.But, according to the opposition website, the explanation is pretty simple: many “revolutionists” are still under administrative arrest for taking part in earlier protests"*

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