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Fukushima: Newsreel & links for last week

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I decided to post a vast link collection of the hottest news from last week around the Fukushima Dai-ichi incident with small annotations.
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Kyodo News 19-3-2012:
Woman collapsing in No-Entry Zone aswell as workers - confirmed deaths.

Manichi News, Kyodo 20-3-2012:
March Tsunami & Earthquake damaged also other nuclear power plants. Tokai NPP leaked 1.5 tons of radioactive water into environment.

Japan Times, 20-3-2012
Iitate ground highly radioactive - up to 153'000 bq/kg.

Bloomberg, 18-3-2012
Food (in)security in Japan: 1% of the controls in comparision with Belarus & Chernobyl

... Inadequate testing by the government of rice, milk and fish from the region has prompted consumers to leave them on supermarket shelves and instead select produce from other regions or from overseas. Checks conducted nationwide so far are only 1 percent of what Belarus checked in the past year, a quarter century after the Chernobyl disaster, according to Nobutaka Ishida, a researcher at Norinchukin Research Institute...

Bloomberg 18-3-2012
Devastating Impact of Fukushima Disaster on Japanese Farmers: 
... Almost 100,000 farmers lost about 58 billion yen ($694 million) by March 1, or 25 percent of production, according to JA, the country’s biggest agricultural group. Imports of farm products jumped 16 percent to 5.58 trillion yen in 2011, according to the agriculture ministry...

The Yomiuri Shibun, 18-3-2012
Radioactive Plankton found 600km away from Fukushima
... The research team collected animal plankton at 17 locations between 30 kilometers and 600 kilometers east of the plant in June last year, about three months after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that triggered the nuclear crisis. Cesium-137 was detected in all of the collected plankton, which in a dry state was found to contain 0.3 to 56.4 becquerels per kilogram. The farther away the plankton was collected, the less radiation it contained, according to the team...

Fukushima Diary, 16-3-2012
Reactortype of Fukushima: Problems known since the 1980's

In the 1980's simulations showed catastrophic results in the GE-Mk1 reactor (the one used in Fukushima) during meltdowns & accidents.

Japanese Investigation Committee for the Accident in Fukushima, 15-3-2012Tepco still waits with the final report - only preliminary conclusions published!

Tepco's plant statuts report,  16-3-2012
Note the unusually high hydrogen concentration and temperatures in reactor 3. Aswell as the

Yomiuri Shibun, 16-3-2012
High Concentration of Caesium in Japanese wildlife! Rabbits contaminated with 560bq/kg above safe limit! 

More and more studies show the devastating effect of the incident on Japanese wild- and naturelife.

Kyodo News, 15-3-2012
Difficult task to remove spent fuel from reactor.
Chaotic state of the reactor makes it (nearly) impossible to decommission the plant properly.

Dr. Helen Caldicott Interview, 15-3-2012
Nobel Prize Nominee claims: Very early and high number of lumps in thyroid with Fukushima children

A phenomenon seldomly observed that a nuclear incident causes so many lumps and complications only one year after the catastrophe.

ENENEWS, via NHK, 15-3-2012
Radiation too high for workers to continue repairs in suppression chamber of Reactor 2 & 3

Interview with Prof. Karl Grossmann, 14-3-2012:"Fukushima's toll will be worse"

Arnold "Arnie" Gunderson via Xinhua 14-3-2012:
"Fukushima as bad or worse then Chernobyl

Chernobyl was a single reactor running at about 7 percent capacity when rupture ... [Fukushima] had three reactors running at 100 percent capacity and seven other reactors with spent fuel pools that were crippled

French Nuclear Experts: Risk of Explosion in Fukushima still imminent! 14-3-2012
via France 24:

The Economic Times: 1-3-2012
Subcontractor workers report of their treatment by Tepco. Tepco denies deaths at plant although they occur!

25km from Fukushima, Radiation sickness strikes an 18 year old teacher
via Al-Jazzera correspondant in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture

Mysterious highly radioactice powder found all over Fukushima region:

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