Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Huge Levels of Radidation in Fukushima

On Wednesday, a new videoscope of the basement of the crippled reactor 1 at the Fukushima Dai'chi Nuclear power plant showed disturbingly high levels of radiation. Japanese engineers inserted a camera trough the canalization system into the basement. Just above the radioactive waters, the engineers measured an alarming high level of 10300 milisieverts/hours. In this environment, means a Japanese nuclear power plant worker would reach his year limit within 15 to 20 seconds. 20 to 30 minutes would be enough to render a perfectly healthy adult very sick. Symptoms of acute radiation sickness would appear resulting in death by heart or multiple organ failure. Tepco announced yesterday that the other accidented units 2 and 3 don't show such a high level of radiation. Nevertheless over 1 Sievert (1000milisievert/h) have been measured in outside these units. Tepco announced that the demolition and clean up of the crippled reactors might take up to 50 years. 

But also 70km away from Fukushima, a study shows high radioactive pollution of children's playgrounds(*) with up to 100 000 BQ/kg, again demonstrating how radiation has spread all over Japan. Samples were taken from Kashiwa and Saga-City playgrounds.

Meanwhile the biggest Japanese Anti-Nuclear and civil protests and demonstrations since the 1960s are rallying up to 200'000people. Protesters showed their anger about the Government's decision to restart nuclear reactors. However the protest is met by a country and region wide media blackout:

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Picture: (c) Kyodo Japan

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  1. The nuke cartel is like a brontosaurus, facing extinction, yet still plenty powerful and even more dangerous as it starts thrashing around trying to protect its own existance.

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    Are you over 3 cents? The answer is yes. Try the exercise.

    And then check out the facts here ---Sea Change I tell ya!

  2. interesting thank you!


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