Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Inside Fukushima: Pictures they don't show you on T.V

Nearly 5 months after the disaster in Fukushima, people stopped talking about the Tsunami& Earthquake only sporadic articles appear about the high radiation levels. That over 5000 people work on the site of the Nuclear Power Plant is rarely mentionned, this is their story and pictures of their work.

Worker measuring radiation in Block 1

Hastily installed pumping systems, definetly not radiation-proof in Block 2

Controll Room for reactor 3 in late March 2011

Japanese Special Firefighters from Tokyo to staring at the gaping holes in the reactor walls.

Engineers in an improvised control room for R/C robots

Another control room for the R/C robots (Block 2)

A rest area built for the workers, most workers have 15-18 hours shifts per day with little pauses.

Heavy contaminated rubble around Block 3

Now compare this pictures to those that Tepco shares with the press...

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