Montag, 27. April 2009

His Holiness'es newest idiocy

Oops he did it again. The Pope hits it again. No this time he did not slander against Jews, Homosexuals or tried to impose his Christian values: No yesterday, his Holiness just simply thought it would be useful to inivite the Belarussian dictator Alexandr Lukashenko for a private audience. As EU travel regulations for Pres. Lukashenko were loosened up in late 2008, Lukashenko is now on his first trip to Western Europe since 1999. The official protocol of the audience was hence published and shows no record of human rights talk between Benedictus XVI and Pres. Lukashenko. No wonder, who would expect the Bavarian hardliner to talk about human or gay rights in the so called "last dictatorship" of Europe ? One question however remains... what did they talk about, what useful can come out when a Bavarian technocrat talks with an ex-kolchose farmer who used to hit his peers?

1 Kommentar:

  1. Maybe they were reminiscing the olden days of the Hitler Youth and dictatorships all over the world… Or talking about how they can hold up their dictatorships in a world that's crying out for democracy – Kukashenko is hardly the only dictator in Europe, since for all intense in purposes, the Pope *is* a dictator as well (there is no democratic election, he has absolute power, he's infallible, …)


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