Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009

Slavic Pride: N. Alexseyev released - Igor Baev to be sentenced to 15 days of imprisonment

After the arrest of several Belarusian and Russian Gay Rights activists, a Russian court has acquitted Nikolai Alexeyev, Organiser of the Slavic Pride after hours of illegal detention. Russian Human rights and Gay Rights activist Igor Baev, is to be sentenced to 15 days of imprisonment for "refusing his arrest" by Russian anti-riot Police OMON.

Nikolai Alekseyev and Igor Baev both visited Luxembourg in Feb. 2009 where they met with the Green party.

Protest for the release of the illegally detained gay rights activists! Write to your government and write to your Russian Embassy to put pressure on Moscow officials! Email adresse Russian Embassy Luxembourg: ambruslu @ pt . lu

Source: (in Russian - soon to come in English)

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