Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2009

COP15: 3-5-0 SURVIVAL! 350.org The amazing grassroute action

350.org ass eng genial amerikanesch grassroute Aktion! Hai en Gaaschtbeitrag vum Battal, Federation of Young European Greens(FYEG).

KlimaForum09 – 350 event. As was written on the big banner behind the stage; 350 is survival. And survival is all what we have gathered here for. Why we have gathered in Copenhagen, but also all around the world during the international climate action days. The survival of our planet. Of our climate. Of the little island states like Tuvalu or the Maldives. The survival of people.

Two of the biggest advocates of the 350 ppm solution are Bill McKibben and President Nasheed of the Maldives.
Bill McKibben was the first to mount the stage whilst he was cheered on by the audience. That audience broke down in applause multiple times whilst he was speaking. As he was telling the story of how our climate once was. How it now was. And how it could be if we could stick to the 350 ppm solution.
He told the conference room of the work nearly a hundred nations were conducting inside the Bella Center to get the number 350 inside the agreement. He praised their work as well as he told the massive tale that is behind the 350.org. He praised the world as it stood united already twice (on 24/10 and 12/12) behind one message. Behind one number.

This is a story of hope. Hope that we can change. Hope that we can stop climate change. Hope because the effects that are being seen all over the world, mostly by those who have not caused global warming are serious.
Gletsjers that are melting whilst they should provide the water supply of billions of people. Reefs that are dyeing because of the hotter water in the pacific. Droughts that are catastrophic for the cornfields in Africa.
But still hope. As yet again thousands of people are standing behind the simple 350 message. As was said this was extremely visible during the international days of climate action. United the world stood behind this message. Embracing this message.

It is the story of most widespread political action ever organised. The question rather is that if all these different people can come together in this enormous effort of solidarity and fighting climate change… well, why can our leaders do the same?

Since the president arrived quite late as he was present int he Bella Center lobbying for the survival of his country he only talked about the neccesity of the 350 ppm rule in the agreement that should be reached. as this was survival. And then he lead the chant that dazzled everybody in the room.
3 – 5 – 0


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